Gimme a Break

Hey everyone! Just wanted to say a few words on why I won’t be posting much in the next coming months.

If you didn’t already know, were expecting our fourth daughter in May! This pregnancy has flown by and I’m already down to about 11 weeks left. But judging from my past three pregnancies, she may decide to be here in about 8 weeks! So with that, I thought I’d say I’m taking a break from blogging for a short time. I want to focus on getting everything prepared and spending some one on one time with my girls (and hubby!) before our new little bundle of pink arrives.

But even after she’s born, it’ll still be a bit before I’m back. After all I’ll be a mother of four! Saying that I am a busy person would be an understatement. So I am hoping my readers will understand that I am in need of a break!

See you all soon!